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Re: more on the "vmmapva" kernel deadlocks on NetBSD-4

> Some of you may remember my PR#s 38019 and 38246.

I didn't, but thank you.  This sounds suspiciously like a symptom I see
on sparkle, my most central machine: I need to reboot every
three-to-five weeks, or it fails.  Most often the failure is a panic
"malloc: out of space in kmem_map", but sometimes it just wedges.  I've
been operating on the assumption this is a kernel memory leak
somewhere, most likely the timer socket code, but this makes it sound
as though it might not be.

If there is any commonality, though, it's remarkably deep-rooted;
sparkle is still running 1.4T - and it's a SPARCstation 20, so I'm
removing port-i386 since if there is any relation it's probably MI.
Given all the reasons why 1.4T/sparc wouldn't share a problem with
4.0/i386, I expect this will turn out to be coincidence, but I'm still
just that little bit suspicious.

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