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Re: Raidframe again (label queries)

>> Is there any part of raidframe that will answer the question "given
>> this disk device, is there a raidframe component label on it, and,
>> if so, what does it say?".
> ["no", basically, for my purposes]
> Reading it is currently a matter of reading in the single 512-byte
> block from the correct location and parsing it...

1024-byte block, of which only the first 216 bytes get used (though I
suspect at least 392 bytes are used in a looser sense - not that that
matters with a DEV_BSIZE of 512).  At least according to

I just finished hacking one together.  It's pretty kludgy, partly
bceause I just threw it together and partly because of some RF issues
it turned up, but may be useful to someone one way or another. for anyone

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