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Re: genfs ignoring VOP_STRATEGY() buf's returned error

On Fri Mar 27 2009 at 14:45:15 +0100, Reinoud Zandijk wrote:
> What i want to catch is out-of-disc space for late allocation file systems
> like UDF. In those cases VOP_STRATEGY() will return an error. The structure of
> nested buffers will propagate the error code to the master buffer. When
> testing this patch it did catch the out-of-disc space and passed it to the
> cp(1) processes. So far it does what it should do.
> Do you think i can commit it? It won't catch all cases but i dont know how it
> could otherwise be implemented in genfs without digging deep into
> UBC/UVM/genfs semantics.

Not ok to add non-determinism.

> Without the patch the cp(1) could copy for megabytes on till it ends even
> though strategy keep failing for whatever reason.

Fix udf to fail where block allocation should happen, even though you
don't actually allocate blocks there.

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