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Re: der Mouse [Re: Path to kmods]

>> So from from those of us actively working on NetBSD (people who
>> contribute code every week if not day) the answer is: yes, go, find
>> a new hobby.
> Seconded.  Oh, before you go: Please upload all your patches to ftp
> you collect up to now.

There's an idiom in English about eating one's cake and having it too
which seems apropos here.

However, I have always made my private changes to NetBSD available to
anyone who cares to fetch them (though, come to think of it, it's been
a while since I updated the FTPable copy, so the only way to get the
current version is with compare - I should re-update the FTP area).  I
have no intention of changing that, whether I leave NetBSD in any sense
or not; does that address your concerns?

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