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Re: about ATA over Ethernet


On Thu, Feb 05, 2009 at 10:52:46PM +0300, Dmitry wrote:

>   I want to know more about this project. Is it actual, what are
>   aprrox. time to complete, what is a plan to do? Glad to have
>   correspondind information.

Wasn't picked up for the last S-soC. Here's my personal opinion:

1. read the protocol specification[1] - and more important, make
yourself familiar with accessing ATA disks.

2. and 3. are not the most pressing, as there's a userland
implementation available in pkgsrc.

2a. I think the easiest partial project - although probably the less
interesting - would be to write a kernel target that offers a whole
disk to the LAN.

Of course, you need an initiator to test this...

2b. Also needed would be a configuration program, sysctl / ifconfig
interface definition, and configuration code

3a. More ambitious but more useful, would be a kernel target that
offers just one partition to the LAN.

3b. see 2b.

4a. an initiator (client) implementation in the kernel shouldn't be too
difficult, given our modular ATA code. However, locking between the
disk and the network subsystem could be interesting (in semi-Chinese

4b. see 2b.

        Ignatios Souvatzis


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