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Re[2]: about ATA over Ethernet

Hello erik,

Friday, February 6, 2009, 9:01:46 AM, you wrote:

eq> On Thu Feb  5 23:13:56 EST 2009, wrote:
>> >   I want to know more about this project. Is it actual, what are
>> >   aprrox. time to complete, what is a plan to do? Glad to have
>> >   correspondind information.
>> Have you contacted CORAID <> about this?  They seem to
>> be the leading developers and whereas I know they are not focussed on
>> NetBSD, I'm sure they would like to know there is interest.

eq> i'm not quite sure what the topic is here, but it's true,
eq> *bsd is a bit off the beaten path.  not that that's important.
eq> what are you interested in doing?

eq> - erik

I've found this topic in the NetBSD's list of what to do:
And so is it needed just to implement the same in NetBSD?
Best regards,

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