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der Mouse writes:
> >>> IIRC, configuring them up was easier than getting the unconfigures
> >>> done in the right order... (and actually getting the devices to
> >>> close properly)
> >> Is that related to autoconfiguration, though?  It seems to work fine
> >> with the second-layer RAIDs done via /etc/rc.d/raidframe,
> > In your case you are explicitly unconfiguring the top-level array.
> I am?  When?  I certainly don't manually unconfigure it before typing
> "halt", and I didn't think halt ran shutdown scripts - I certainly
> don't see any messages to make me think they're running.  (I use halt
> to shut the machine down often enough to call it common, certainly
> often enough to be confident that what I've seen is not explained by
> something shutdown does but halt doesn't.)

Hmm... I wouldn't have expected layered RAID bits to unconfigure 
properly if 'halt' is used...


Greg Oster

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