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der Mouse writes:
> > IIRC, configuring them up was easier than getting the unconfigures
> > done in the right order... (and actually getting the devices to close
> > properly)
> Is that related to autoconfiguration, though?  It seems to work fine
> with the second-layer RAIDs done via /etc/rc.d/raidframe, and I didn't
> see any obvious reason to think there was a difference between an
> autoconfigured RAID and any other, once configured.  (This is 4.0.1
> i386, in case it matters.)  I didn't see any reason autoconfig would
> affect unconfiguration, but of course I could very well have missed
> something.
> Perhaps I'm just lucky in how I have the RAIDs arranged?

In your case you are explicitly unconfiguring the top-level array.
I don't recall exactly how things are unconfigured at shutdown time, 
but I don't think the RAID arrays actually get unconfigured -- and 
that is what would need to happen in this case to get the underlying 
devices marked as 'clean'... (right now just the last (remaining)
opened partition is closed, and that's enough to mark the array as
clean.. but the array itself is not explicitly unconfigured)


Greg Oster

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