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Re: D-link dub e100

david aubril( said 2008.12.03 17:34:23 
> Here we go.
> It's really weard. It works fine, smoothly with the linux box. But
> nothing with the netbsd box. Not even a light, or a line in dmesg.

There are some clues in the dmesg.

> ugen0 at uhub3 port 1
> ugen0: vendor 0x2001 product 0x3c05, rev 2.00/0.01, addr 2

I believe this is your e100 device. ugen is attaching. This means that there
probably isn't a better driver. Either your kernel doesn't have the axe
driver built in, or you've been bitten by something that manufacturers of
cheap hardware often do, they switch to a different chipset without telling
The first is probably more likely. To check, do:
        #  strings /netbsd | grep _CFG  | grep axe
If it shows something like:
        _CFG_#axe* bla bla bla
then it wasn't included in the kernel config.

> Best regards,
> David

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