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Re: Analyzing a 4.0/amd64 panic

Thanks a lot for looking into this.

> > trap+563
> There will be a 'struct trapframe' on the stack at this point.
> > vfs_busy+226

The stack adresses of the word containing trap+563 and the one containing
vfs_busy+226 are 256 bytes apart, but sizeof(struct trapframe) is 208.
Actually, the word containing vfs_busy+226 could be the rip of the trapframe,
So I think I'll have to guess where the structure actually is. What are typical
values of tf_trapno and tf_err (or any other structure members) I can expect
to find?

> Was someone mounting or unmounting a file system at the time?
No. They were running some quota commands at taht point.

> Yes. I will have a look at doing that in -current.
Great, thanks.

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