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Re: Path to kmods

On Sat, Nov 22, 2008 at 1:15 PM, der Mouse 
<> wrote:
> It started with kernel modules, the first introduction of dynamic
> linking to the kernel.  Now I'm seeing it following more or less the
> same progression.
There is a step between providing a feature, which is a good thing,
and deprecating everything else.

> I expect NetBSD to ship systems that no longer support userland dynamic
> linking within a year or two.  Systems that no longer include 
> statically-linked
> anything within six months to a year after that.
How do you expect userland linking to be done if dynamic and static
link are not supported ?

> Another six months and static-linking support will have
> bitrotted into uselessness (since it's no longer widely used) and there
> will be calls to remove it entirely.
NetBSD is not widely used too, should we remove it ? :-)

Anyway, everybody knows that micro-kernel will rule the earth soon ;-)

 - Arnaud

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