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Re: -current panic on amd64

Mon, Nov 10, 2008 at 06:16:30PM +0200, Martti Kuparinen:
> Jukka Marin wrote:
> >This happened with source from Saturday.  I'll cvs update and try again.
> I see panic (even with installation CD) when using a self-compiled 
> installation CD with sources updated yesterday. The installation CD fetched 
> from 
> works fine so far. So something between 2008-11-03 and 2008-11-09 is 
> causing this...
> Martti

I thought it was something I'd done locally, but I see it on my Sun v20z like:

pad0: outputs: 44100Hz, 16-bit, stereo
audio0 at pad0: half duplex
uvm_fault(0xffffffff80c496a0, 0x0, 1) -> e
fatal page fault in supervisor mode
trap type 6 code 0 rip ffffffff8042cfa1 cs 8 rflags 10202 cr2  2 cpl 0 rsp fffff
kernel: page fault trap, code=0
Stopped in pid 0.1 (system) at  netbsd:device_class+0x1:        movl    0(%rdi),
db{0}> bt
device_class() at netbsd:device_class+0x1
rf_autoconfig() at netbsd:rf_autoconfig+0x23 
config_finalize() at netbsd:config_finalize+0x8e
main() at netbsd:main+0x247
db{0}> show regist
ds          0xa973
es          0x3ea8
fs          0x7ca7
gs          0x4b48
rdi         0x2
rsi         0xffff80004dd62a00 
rbp         0xffffffff80db4e70 
rbx         0xffff80004c8560a0 
rdx         0
rcx         0
rax         0x8096b907
r8          0x30
r9          0
r10         0xffffffff80db4950 
r11         0x1
r12         0x2
r13         0
r14         0xffffffff80db4d60 
r15         0
rip         0xffffffff8042cfa1  device_class+0x1 
cs          0x8
rflags      0x10202
rsp         0xffffffff80db4b90 
ss          0x10
netbsd:device_class+0x1:        movl    0(%rdi),%eax

It doesn't seem to be related to raidframe, because I tried removing it.
It appears that something before this smacks memory in the device tree,
but I'm not positive if that is the case nor what might be causing it.

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