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Questions regarding acpi_tz(4)

Two questions regarding this sensor:

1. In addition to setting the sensor's state, the driver reports state
   changes via aprint_normal_dev().  There was some discussion a while
   ago about "chatty" (or "noisy") sensor reports, so I was wondering
   if we really should report the sensor state both via sysmon_envsys(9)
   _and_ aprint_normal_dev().  Shouldn't the aprint_normal_dev() calls
   be removed, or at the very least replaced with aprint_debug_dev() ??

2. When the sensor's warning threshold is reached, the drivers sets the
   state to ENVSYS_SWARNOVER.  But when it reachs the critical level,
   it sets the state to ENVSYS_SCRITICAL.  It seems to me that this

Both of these issues are easy change, assuming some sort of consensus can be reached.

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