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libdevmapper like library for NetBSD

Hi folks,

I found some time and I tried to write library [1] for device-mapper driver. This library can't be used with linux lvm2tools but we can create/ manage dm devices without gpl2 code in base we can replace dmsetup with dmctl now. Later we can
replace lvm2tools with our own version.

For now there is no other consumer of this library then dmctl binary which is used
to configure dm devices.


#dmctl create test <- Create dm device with name test

#dmctl reload test <- Load table to device test
0 100 linear /dev/wd1a 384

#dmctl remove test <- remove device test


Do you have any suggestions ? I haven't write any library interface/ dmctl documentation yet. But I will look at it when I will be able to stabilise interface and dmctl more.



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