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Machine Independent Clock Framework implementation suggestion with OMAP2 reference implementation

Hello everyone

We have made our internal Clock Framework concept available now that we
feel its maturity is reaching what can be useful to others outside our
development efforts and we would like to contribute its features to the
better of the NetBSD community effort. The Framework is a thin Machine
Independent abstraction layer and includes an OMAP2 specific reference
implementation which we are actively using in our internal efforts on
the Texas Instruments H4 hardware platform.

We feel this can be useful to others porting NetBSD to new embedded
platforms that feature clock gating, and could also be utilized as a
base from which to develop a common centerpoint for frequency domain
system performance level control features.

The original post for this subject can be found on the ports.arm list,
but this should be useful to anyone working on an embedded platform and
looking for added usability and refinement on a hardware port of your

You can find the Clock framework as a patch on top of netbsd-current
dated 24.9. behind the following link

We have also created WIKI pages for both the Machine Independent and
OMAP2 specific parts on the NetBSD WIKI, found here

Suggestions and comments are welcome as well as more in-depth dialog.

Best regards,
Juha Keski-Saari

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