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Re: A hint for my Core 2 Duo MP bug

On Fri, 2008-09-19 at 21:06 +0200, Vincent wrote:
> The problem itself is very simple. At boot, cpu0 starts correctly, cpu1 
> won't — I've got the message "cpu1 failed to become ready". The kernel 
> goes further for a while, then stops before it forks init (usually, it 
> hangs while scanning the ATAPI bus).

Sounds exactly like my issue with -current on my Core2 Quad.
My solution was to disable the PS2 ports OR boot with a PS2 keyboard
connected - my default keyboard is USB.

> Deeper inside, together with Andrew we set up a basic trace in 
> mptramp.S, more precisely in the cpu_spinup_trampoline function. None of 
> the HALT macros is reached. The trace stays locked at 40 FF FF during 
> all the delay loop, as if cpu_spinup_trampoline wasn't called or executed.

Could you provide instructions for this as I would like to provide a
trace also to aid in debugging.

> On the whole, it seems the second core is waiting for the first doing 
> something, something that doesn't not happen or happens too late or out 
> of sync. NetBSD 4 boots both cores correctly, so do FreeBSD and Linux. 
> Andrew suspected a BIOS disorder, but since all the other OS work 
> correctly, I am suspecting something has changed in MP boot that affects 
> especially this machine (but why?).

NetBSD-4 MP fails in the same way for me, but NetBSD-4 UP works fine as
does Linux (UP and SMP). Oddly enough OpenBSD-4.3 fails with the same
issue (and same workaround). FreeBSD-7 doesn't boot due to an ACPI



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