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Re: porting ZFS

>> Rather than trying to start from the Summer of Code work, which was not
>> complete and has been abandoned by its author, if I were you I would get
>> in touch with Andrew Doran and ask about his partial port of ZFS from a
>> few months ago.  He can probably also offer you some useful advice on how
>> to continue it.
> Actually, I got Andrew's patches to Oliver Gould, and, as soon as
> Oliver's developer's agreement is received, we should be getting some
> progress on that one.
> This isn't to say that more eyes and hands are not wanted - far from
> it, they are to be welcomed and encouraged.  But could I ask that we
> keep in sync on any efforts, please?
Not a problem. I can wait till Oliver is ready to chime in. Then we can have a
coordinated effort.

However, I got the impression that Oliver has abandoned his work.
Now I am confused about update consistency.

So, folks, what should I do? Ide or move on ?


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