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Re: porting ZFS

Reading through the emails, I understand that ZFS is something that
the community is interested in.
That's good since I would personally like to have ZFS in NetBSD.

However, from Daniel's email and link
it looks like that some portion of ZFS has already been ported or is
in the process of being
ported. Reading further, from Simon's email, it appears that the
framework might be broken though from the
above link it looks like that currently the code compiles successfully.

I do not want to duplicate effort and do not mind joining anyone who
is currently involved in
this process.

Would anyone be kind enough to let me know if 1. there exists current
documentation about the state
of the project. 2. name of person/groups who is/are currently working
on it. 3. what's a good starting point for
picking up the threads?


So, would the NetBSD folks encourage taking u

On Wed, Sep 17, 2008 at 7:03 AM, Daniel Horecki <> wrote:
> Adam Hoka pisze:
>> Neel Sheyal wrote:
>>> Hi,
>>>      I would like to port ZFS to NetBSD. While I noticed that
>>> something along this line was initially started as part of a GSoC
>>> project, I have really no idea on what it's status is.
>>> Do you folks think this is something the community will be interested in
>>> ?
>> Yes!
>>> Personally I feel ZFS is something that NetBSD should have in it's
>>> armor. And may be we can even make it better since we have a modular
>>> uvm structure in place.
>> Agreed.
> What about LFS? ;-) Maybe somebody should unbroke it? Anyway, if I recall
> correctly, there was effort for porting zfs to netbsd as SoC. And it was
> nearly finished:
> Daniel
> --
> Daniel Horecki

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