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Re: VFS Module Autoloading

On Aug 31, 2008, at 9:16 AM, David Brownlee wrote:

On Sun, 31 Aug 2008, Stephen M. Rumble wrote:

On Aug 31, 2008, at 8:32 AM, David Brownlee wrote:

On Sun, 31 Aug 2008, Stephen M. Rumble wrote:
The new-style modload, modunload and modstat tools all work. They're just not built by default - you need to set MKMODULAR, in which case they mostly replace the LKM versions. However, the modules themselves are built and installed and the kernel contains support for them. Consequently, -current (and what's to be 5.0) there's no way to load, unload or query these modules by default as you'll be invoking the LKM tools. Yet at the same time, the kernel will suck them in automatically for file systems.

        It may be a dumb question, but what is the downside of
        setting MKMODULAR by default?

The two sets of userland tools are mutually exclusive right now. I don't think that's a problem since the intent is to replace LKMs eventually, but my impression was that we didn't want to throw the switch for 5.0.

        How much effort would it be to build them under non-conflicting
        filenames? Given the kernel infrastructure is present anyway...

That should be easy, but do we still want this new functionality (autoloading) on by default? The easiest thing is a sysctl knob and banishing LKMs in 6.0, but I've no strong opinion and am appealing to higher authorities.


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