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VFS Module Autoloading

Hi all,

In -current we now have kernel modules for most file systems, which are built and installed by default. In addition, the kernel automatically attempts to dynamically load the appropriate module if support is not already present. This is a good and useful feature. However, there are two (minor) problems with this: the base system defaults to the old LKM tools (modload, modstat, etc) and the modularised file systems aren't all well-tested.

This isn't a big deal, but it violates the principle of least surprise, I think. If new-style modules aren't the default in terms of support tools being built, why should the kernel default to sucking them in, especially given that there's no explicit means of loading them via userland (new-style modload) or telling that they're been loaded (new-style modstat)?

It's a very minor issue, but I'm wondering whether we should make the autoloading sysctlable and default it to off until LKMs are banished for good and we have better tested the modules themselves.


Please CC me as I'm not subscribed.

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