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dirhash code

Dear folks,

i've committed a generic dirhash support as a kernel module.

On commit Antti rightiously commented that it should have been discussed 
more before i added it and that it might have a better place in 
src/sys/kern/vfs_dirhash.c instead of the current src/sys/fs/dirhash.c, so 
here we are.

So what to do now? I can (1) move the code to kern/vfs_dirhash.c and leave 
the module intact only pointing to a different location. Or i could (2) 
include the source (pretty small really) into the kernel in the 
ker/vfs_dirhash.c as fixed code or (3) leave it as-is.

Only problem with the module solution is that i'm yet to find out how to 
force inclusion of the dirhash kernel module in the kernel when a module 
depends on it. I tried :

deffs   fs_udf.h                UDF : DIRHASH

in files.udf but that doesn't include the file files as defined in the 
(new) files.fs:

defflag                         DIRHASH
file    fs/dirhash.c            dirhash

With regards,

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