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GSoC status - UVC driver

Webpage is

UVC driver (uvideo):

  Supports isoc cameras with frame-based formats (MJPEG and

  Supports immediate (non-interrupt) controls

  Uses mi video driver for external API

Video driver (video):

  Implements Video4Linux2 API.  Only supports capture
  interface (video input), format settings, and camera
  controls (brightness, etc.).

  Supports capture via read() or mmap() modes.

  Successfully compiled and use MPlayer with the video
  driver (webpage includes patch).

  Initial documentation of userland API in video(4) and
  kernel interface in video(9).

  Has been used with a second webcam driver, Jared's pseye.

TODO before end of GSoc:

  Test another V4L2 app such as VLC or xawtv.

  Add more controls to uvideo (currently only has a few as
  proof-of-concept; adding the other controls is trivial).

  Add uvideo(4) manpage.

Maybe TODO depending on time:

  Implement bulk xfers in uvideo.  I can't test this
  directly due to lack of hardware with bulk endpoints.

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