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Re: Idea wanted; block disk on network (SC101T)

Sounds like Sun's ND (Network Disk) protocol, from before NFS was
usable for the root partition...

Following up my own post -- see ndbootd(8).  You need the client, too,
but it might be a good reference.

It's for SUN PROM netbooting, not a general solution used to be.

I'm familar with Sun ND and other (intermediate) block level solutions
in pre-NFS (rootfs capable or not) age like what SONY NEWS and/or
CASIO (yes, they made UNIX WS at that time).  Z-SAN is far beyond
them and I need iSCSI like functionalities and beyonds.

It's worth pursuing DataPlow to disclose (or port) their own filesy
product named SFS (what's the relationship with SVR4 sfs?) to
NetBSD, however, it'd just be a pipe-dreaming, so just want to
practise FFS on it for this time.

Toru Nishimura / ALKYL Technology

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