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Re: Idea wanted; block disk on network (SC101T)

> Q. how can I build block IO device driver "plumb'ing" UDP-SAN data
> pipe?  I assume puffs/refuse would be more/less useful naively.

puffs seems to me like overkill; I'd say you want a pseudo disk driver.
I wrote one, but (a) it doesn't exist for anything recent enough that
I'd expect anyone but me to care (hello, good old 1.4T!) and (b) there
is some kind of cache bug involved; it corrupts data on some machines
(the SS20 was my test case) unless I add artificial memory access loops
to force a cache flush.  Because I haven't been able to track down why,
I assume I've abused some interface without realizing it and thus don't
consider it suitable for anything more than debugging said cache
issues.  Certainly anyone who wants is welcome to a copy.

But back when puffs was new, I think I saw someone speak of something
that sounded a lot like my pseudo-disk (ISTR seeing the name "pud", the
obvious but unfortunate analog to "puffs").  I had a quick look through
4.0 i386's GENERIC and nothing rang the right bells; did it happen?

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