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Re: Case insensitive FFS

  >   My naive idea is that changing ufs_lookup() and the hash functions
  >   in the UFS_DIRHASH case to treat upper case letters like lower case
  >   letter (or vice versa).
  > That sounds like case preserving.  If all vnode ops lowercased on entry
  > (plus the above to handle 'legacy' files) then it would be case
  > insensitive.

  I'm sorry but I don't understand your argumentation. FFS is already
  case preserving. I want to make it case insensitive in addition.

I have seen three terms used:

  case sensitive: what we are used to with BSD FFS, HFS+ with the case
  sensitive option

  case preserving: comparisons are done without regard to case, but ls
  shows files having the same case as when they were created.  HFS+
  (without the case-sensitive option)

  case insensitive: in addition to comparisons ignoring case, all
  filenames are presented in either upper or lower, depending on the
  system.  I think pre-NTFS on windows is like this.

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