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Re: Case insensitive FFS

  how difficult would it be to add a mount option to FFS to have
  case insensitive filesystem?

Do you really mean case insensitive, or case preserving?

  My naive idea is that changing ufs_lookup() and the hash functions
  in the UFS_DIRHASH case to treat upper case letters like lower case
  letter (or vice versa).

That sounds like case preserving.  If all vnode ops lowercased on entry
(plus the above to handle 'legacy' files) then it would be case

I would go for lower case.  Upper-case only is so early 1970s, giving me
flashbacks to VT05s and RSX-11/M, and ASR-33s and TSS/8, before I got a
terminal that did lower case.  IIRC, Sixth Edition had a tty mode to
convert all input to lowercase and set it if the login name was upper
case only -- this argues for lower being the One True Way.

Is the point to debug for things that lose on OS X and Windows, or
because the feature is useful in it's own right?  I only see it being
useful for e.g. doing pkgsrc bulk builds to see what breaks.

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