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re: cpu_need_resched(t_vp->l_cpu, RESCHED_IMMED) for NetBSD-4

   I have one last thing I really need to do (as opposed to the things that I
   want to do) for ReviveSA, and it is to add syscall support for waking a 
   running thread. This is to be used by the intra-process signal delivery 
   code when the target thread's running.
   I want to actualy implement this for NetBSD-4. Well, I need to add the 
   syscall. I would like it to actually work right.
   So do we have something in the tree now that would let me smack another 
   CPU on the head? In NetBSD-4?

there used to be a need_resched(struct cpuinfo *) as i see.


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