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Re: Extend "struct malloc_type" for extended KMEMSTATS?

In article <>,
Havard Eidnes  <> wrote:
>> while trying to get more info on the suspected kernel malloc leak
>> documented in PR#39145, I found it useful to see how many
>> allocations of each size each malloc type is currently holding.
>I got some private feedback, and a new diff is attached below.
>Changes since the previous one:
> o Many of the fields in struct malloc_type ought to be size_t
>   instead of u_long.  A few printf formats had to be adjusted to
>   correspond.
> o The "spare" field is deleted.
> o The counters per block size are u_int instead of u_long,
>   saving some bytes on lp64 platforms (and again printf formats
>   correspondingly adjusted).
>I've verified that this still builds correctly for a large number
>of ports.
>Oh, yes, I also got a comment that a kernel version bump would be
>required for this as well.
>Further comments?

%zd's should be %zu's.


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