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Re: Problem with raidframe: bad disk or bad memory, how to tell?

Brian Buhrow writes:
>       Hello.  Well, thanks for the tip.  Perhaps this sheds some light on
> the problem.  If I run fsck on wd0, the disk attached to channel 0, it
> reads good.  If I do a similar check on wd1, the disk attached to channel 1,
> all reads good as long as there's no activity on wd0.  However, if there's
> activity on both disks simultaneously, wd1 will give corrupt data.


> Is this a sign that the ATA controller is toast?  This isn't a new machine,
> and it has been running in production for a good while.

I wonder if you'd see that behaviour if your power supply is getting 
weak?  I'd suggest trying a new/different power supply before 
changing too much else...


Greg Oster

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