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Re: [ARM32] panic when sshd responding

On Jun 19, 2008, at 10:08 AM, Matt Thomas wrote:

Upon further thought, I think the socket loan code should use
pmap_enter/pmap_remove instead pmap_kenter_pa/pmap_kremove.

Probably a fine thing to do. What other uses of kenter are lurking that require being able to do the work in interrupt context?

However, the current code has a risk that the double pmap_kenter_pa sets the KENTER flag on the page, and pmap_kremove clears it, as there's no
reference counting.

And that would be bad if another pmap_kenter_pa happened to be done

Commenting out the KASSERT should make it work, but you might also have to
remove the KASSERT about KENTER as well in pmap_kremove.

-- thorpej

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