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RE: sysctl question

On Sat, 21 Jun 2008, Tim Rightnour wrote:

On 19-Jun-2008 Paul Goyette wrote:
sysmon_envsys(9) doesn't seem to provide a mechanism for the limits to
be set from userland, so I need some other way to get values into the
registers.  I've thought of three ways to do this:

I'm confused by this.  I thought the limits could be set via the standard
ENVSYS_SETDICTIONARY ioctl.  Specifically, it looks like there is support for

True. But the sensor in question has THREE boundary points, and it sets alarms bits in its status register based on the contents of these three boundaries:

        Alarm Window Lower
        Alarm Window Upper

There are four possible conditions and what they correspond to

        Below Alarm Window     WARNUNDER
        Within Alarm Window    NORMAL
        Above Alarm Window     WARNOVER
        Above Critical         CRITOVER

And there is no provision in proplib currently to set the boundaries for the Warning Levels.

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