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Re: usb at pcmcia?

> Note two things.  First, I have Cardbus, not PCMCIA.  Second, I had
> to add

> ehci*   at cardbus? function ?  # Enhanced Host Controller
> ohci*   at cardbus? function ?  # Open Host Controller

> to my kernel config file.

Hmm.  "cardbus" does not appear in the GENERIC hpcmips config for
either 3.1 or 4.0, so I'm not sure any longer about cardbus vs pcmcia
on the WorkPad.  As I wrote elsewhere in this thread, at least a few
cards marked "cardbus" fit mechanically, which I thought they wouldn't
if the machine were PCMCIA-only; I'm now wondering if I'm wrong.  (The
wikipedia article on pcmcia/cardbus seems to indicate I'm not, FWTMBW.)

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