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Re: usb at pcmcia?

On 2008-06-07 mouse%Rodents.Montreal.QC.CA@localhost wrote:

> Do we have support for PCMCIA (or cardbus) cards that provide USB?  If
> so, when did it show up?  My laptop (an IBM WorkPad - hpcmips) running
> 3.1 prints nothing at all on the console upon inserting such a card
> (normally I get autoconf-style messages upon inserting a PCMCIA card).

  Does the WorkPad really have cardbus?  I recall all hpcmips machines
I've seen being pcmcia only.  There is the Ratoc CFU1, which is pcmcia and
supported by the slhci driver, however it is quite slow and resource
intensive (each USB transfer requrires an interrupt).  Note that the Ratoc
CFU2 is a different chip, which is not supported (and would be more
efficient if chip bugs can be worked around).

Matthew Orgass

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