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sysmon eating hotkeys


When powerd is not running, then sysmon_pswitch_event()
eats the hotkeys.

This patch enqueues the hotkeys until powerd is running:

This is needed to not loose the acpi hotkey events
at boot time. The "Direct Application Launch Buttons" supported
by the acpidalb(4) driver can turn on / resume the machine
from off / suspend state and generate acpi events.

What then happen depends on what
/etc/powerd/script/hotkey_button is doing or better what _should_ happen.

Without the sysmon patch, powerd never sees the acpi event and therefore
doesn't run the script.

For testing purpose I modified my /etc/powerd/script/hotkey_button to
launch X11. With my sysmon patch, I can turn on my laptop with an
IR remote control, netbsd boots and once powerd has been launched,
X11 is coming up.

Any comments? Is it ok to commit?


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