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Re: uhci on non-x86

        Well, I'm willing to believe it might work under some circumstances,
but when ever I try to use it with slow writing flash drives, such as the
Sandisk U3 thumb drives, it appears to work, but if I umount and remount
the drive, the data on the flash drive doesn't match the data I put there.
So, a build would work, but carrying the drive across the room and trying
to use the binaries you put there might not.

On May 13,  9:11pm, "Jared D. McNeill" wrote:
} Subject: Re: uhci on non-x86
} Brian Buhrow wrote:
} >     Hello.  It certainly is true that on my 4.0-stable systems, and on my
} > 3.x based systems, files written to umass devices over the ehci(4) driver
} > produces garbage.  Ohci and uhci connected devices work fine.
} > (This is on I386 based systems.)  My point here is that I think the ehci(4)
} > driver is broken everywhere, including on I386 systems.
} FWIW, I rebuilt GNOME and modular xorg (and all related dependencies) 
} via pkgsrc about 3 times on an old 8GB USB drive via ehci on i386 
} (before the drive itself died) on -current. I wouldn't be so quick to 
} jump to conclusions :-)
} Cheers,
} Jared
>-- End of excerpt from "Jared D. McNeill"

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