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Re: uhci on non-x86

        Hello.  It certainly is true that on my 4.0-stable systems, and on my
3.x based systems, files written to umass devices over the ehci(4) driver
produces garbage.  Ohci and uhci connected devices work fine.
(This is on I386 based systems.)  My point here is that I think the ehci(4)
driver is broken everywhere, including on I386 systems.


On May 14,  9:42am, George Abdelmalik wrote:
} Subject: Re: uhci on non-x86
} Martin Husemann wrote:
} > I have an uhci/ehci in my U60 which worked for the limited testing I did.
} > However, on my amd64 machine I can hang the usb bus with usbmass devices
} Could you be experiencing kern/37884.  On my amd box I have those same 
} issues with umass via ehci, ohci is fine.
} -
} George.
>-- End of excerpt from George Abdelmalik

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