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Re: GSoC - USB Video Class (UVC) webcam driver

Matthias Drochner wrote: said:
Hi, I'm Patrick Mahoney and my Summer of Code project has been
Jared suggested exporting a
NetBSD/UVC specific API while providing a compatibility
layer to translate the Video4Linux (or Video4Linux2) API as
is done with the OSS audio driver

I'd still prefer a kernel interface which is not UVC specific, and
preferrably even v4l2 source compatible. Some reasons:
-If we want other kernel drivers to be accessed by v4l2 user
 programs (eg some firewire camera support, or even bt848),
 we'd have to add a new case to the userlevel translation
 library. This library would have to use some heuristics to
 find out the kernel API to use for some device it knows
 only the path of. That's hard to maintain.

Let me clarify -- I wasn't suggesting a UVC specific API, but a "NetBSD capture API" with a compatibility layer for V4L2.


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