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Re: By the way - was Re: Change from BSDL to GPL?

> Since we are discussing licencing, what's up about GPL v3?  "Do we"
> (well, I write "we" to refer to the NetBSD project as a whole, even
> if I am conscious to be less than even a gluon-sized particule of it)
> accept it or not?  What about GCC and its (potential) replacement?

I don't know about NetBSD, but I certainly do not consider the GPLv3
acceptable, and won't use GPLv3ed code even if that means freezing my
NetBSD participation.  I simply can't tell whether a contemplated use
of covered code is permitted, even something as simple as compiling
source and running the result - which I consider unacceptable in a
copyright license.  (I suspect that particular case is permitted, but
my reasons for thinking so are not based on the license itself.)

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