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Re: Change from BSDL to GPL?

On Mon, May 05, 2008 at 09:46:30AM +0800, wrote:
> Hi, all
> Can I port 4.4BSD-Lite's TCP/IP protocol stack 
> soure code to my own OS kernel which is GPL 
> Licence?
> I know that 4.4BSD-Lite is BSD Licenced. Is it 
> legal to port BSD Licenced code and change it to 
> GPL licence?

As others have noted, you don't own the source code, so you can't change 
the licensing terms.

However you don't need to change the licensing. Either the code can be 
mixed with GPL-licensed code, or it can't. As above, you can't change 
that, so you should just pick code from the begining that can be mixed.

It turns out that Berkeley has changed the licesne on 4.4BSD-Lite, and you 
can now mix it with GPL. So find a copy of 4.4BSD_Lite that has been 
changed according to Berkeley's instructions and you're set.

Note: you are always free to license _your_ changes under whatever license
you select.

It is wisest however to ensure that the license you use for your changes
is compatible with the other code you're mixing together and that you can
distribute the resulting code.

Take care,


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