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NetBSD LVM GSOC project

Hi, folks

This I have applied to Google Summer of Code with Write and improve NetBSD LVM driver application.

Linux LVM is done with two parts userland and kernel.

Userland part is lvm2tools + libdevmapper
Kernel part is kernel driver called device-mapper I keep device-mapper sources available at [2].

Actual status of NetBSD device-mapper driver is this:

I have working linear target. It is possible to create ffs filesystem on linear device-mapper device and mount it. With help from reinoud@ I have rewritten big part of device-mapper so now
we can write other targets like strip, mirror, crypt etc.. .

After discussion with my mentor I think that my task list is this:

Mandatory (must-have) components:

        • design NetBSD kernel interface for LVM
        • implement the kernel interface
        • modify libdevmapper, dmsetup to use new interface
Optional (would-be-nice) components:

        • demonstrate original Linux tools working with new libdevmapper
        • configure linear LVM partition

I have created design file for new device-mapper->libdevmapper protocol.
This file is available at [3]. Any comments ?




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