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GSoC :: wstablet

Why, hello there!

Another Google coder here for the summer.. I'm excited about this
opportunity and really look forward to learning and working along side
all of you folks.

I am fascinated by the BSD kernel and see a future of kernel hacking
ahead of me, though prior to GSoC, I had been reluctant to make that
jump.. but this seems to have been the best opportunity! Aside from
the kernel and general OS concepts, I have always been interested in
i/o systems and their implementations within an OS's kernel.. so I've
chosen to work out an extension to the wscons framework to include a
wstablet API for better graphics tablet use and development.

I posted my original project proposal here on my website, feel free to
peruse (or not, I'm simple, nothing fascinating here :)

Poke me if you're interested! I'm also interested in talking to anyone
who has experience with wscons. Thanks :)


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