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GSoC, translators

I am new to NetBSD. I am a Polish student and I have been given the 
possibility to work on the kernel as a Google Summer of Code project. As I 
was asked to write a short description of the project, here it is:

GNU/Hurd translators:
The project is about implementing Hurd's translators functionality in NetBSD.
What are translators?
They are a step further than filesystems in userspace. Actually they are 
filesystems in userspace but can be associated with an inode in a way that 
survives reboot. The information is stored in filesystem's on-disk 
structures. They can be "mounted" not only on directories but on any inodes.
VFS in GNU/Hurd consist of translators only. The goal of this project is to 
enable the possibility to launch Hurd's translators (this includes binary 
compatibility) and to write basic NetBSD specific translators' support using 
This includes:
- ext2 and ffs modifications
- vfs modifications to allow "mounting" on non-directories
- code to launch translators on demand
- modifications to newfs and mkfs for the above filesystems
- basic Hurd's binary compatibility
- basic protocol to have NetBSD's translators (actually simple modifications 
to puffs)

I have already worked on this as a university project under the supervision of 
Aymeric Vincent (it was his idea) and I am keen on continuing it. I'd be 
grateful for any advice and hope it will be fun to write it.


Marek Dopiera,

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