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whether or not to be specific to ac adapter (Re: CVS commit: src)

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> > > > This is what my other patch implemented, but freza convinced me to use
> > > > this approach for simplicity.
> > > 
> > > where was it discussed?
> > 
> > This was discussed between him and me privately, sorry.
> > 
> > Do you have any suggestion? I'd like to know what's the idea that you have
> > in mind. If we have a consensus about what's required and needed, I'll
> > implement this.
> i have suggested something in the first mail.  have you read it?
> while i tend to agree that the provider/consumer model is a bit more
> complicated than necessary here, i don't think that limiting providers to
> ac adapters and batteries simplifies things a lot.  what i suggested
> is a middle of them.  ie. while allowing to have various providers which
> is not either ac adapters or batteries, consider the whole system as
> a single consumer.
> YAMAMOTO Takashi

what's the status of this?

let me summarize my question; why do you want to distinguish ac adapter
from other possible power supplies?  how ac adapter is special?


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