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Re: Making a common event daemon to replace powerd(8)

Tobias Nygren wrote:
Should it also handle "hotplug" events? It might be useful to peek at
the prior art in the area even if only to avoid making the same mistakes
they did. In the grander scheme of things, we should also investigate if
third-party software like FDO's HAL can make use of the new API.
I'm also pondering if this new daemon can/should replace ifwatchd.

Hi Tobias --

I'm actually running with a patched kernel that uses powerd to deliver hotplug events via /etc/powerd/scripts/device_add and device_remove. I'm using it with my FDO HAL NetBSD port, works like a charm.

I was planning to hijack devfsd for these hooks, but if we're going to make this event daemon a requirement it may be a better fit.


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