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SoC - Defragmentation for FFS


This is concerning the Google Summer of Code 2008, NetBSD's project
for defragmentation for FFS.

I'd like to know more to make a stronger proposal which is due by the
end of this week.

To keep it short and , not take up time of a busy mailing list, I am a
student of Georgia Institute of technology and  I have done a project
previously in the linux kernel which allowed the creation of user
level filesystems and it was efficient in that the data was allocated
contiguously, it was async i/o, prefetch caching was eliminated and
the user could determine what blocks to cache. There was much
flexibility given to the programmer of such a filesystem. This project
interests me in the fact that it requires some kind of optimization to
an existing filesystem , hence would require some coding, benchmarking
and further tweaking and pushing the benchmarks to their limits

It would be great to know the goals of this project, and obtain some
readings, code snippets .

Nirmal Thacker

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