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LFS without lfs_cleanerd?

What would be the expected failure mode of a LFS filesystem wasn't
running the lfs_cleaner daemon?  Due to a packaging error, I had a
wrong version of lfs_cleanerd in a NetBSD-based appliance firmware
image. After some months, all writes to the filesystem blocked.

After installing a new firmware image containing lfs_cleanerd, it was
able to catch up with the backlog and normal filesystem access was 

While I'm pretty sure this is the root cause of the failure, I'd like
to reproduce the failure in a lab setting.  So far, I've run bonnie++
(as it does sequential and random access I/O, plus assorted file
operations) in a loop for about a week without being able to reproduce
the failure. Is there any specific set of operations that would make a
better accelerated wear test?

Many thanks,


J.T. Conklin

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