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Re: LFS without lfs_cleanerd?

In article <>,
J.T. Conklin <> wrote:
>What would be the expected failure mode of a LFS filesystem wasn't
>running the lfs_cleaner daemon?  Due to a packaging error, I had a
>wrong version of lfs_cleanerd in a NetBSD-based appliance firmware
>image. After some months, all writes to the filesystem blocked.
>After installing a new firmware image containing lfs_cleanerd, it was
>able to catch up with the backlog and normal filesystem access was 
>While I'm pretty sure this is the root cause of the failure, I'd like
>to reproduce the failure in a lab setting.  So far, I've run bonnie++
>(as it does sequential and random access I/O, plus assorted file
>operations) in a loop for about a week without being able to reproduce
>the failure. Is there any specific set of operations that would make a
>better accelerated wear test?

Do something that would cause a lot of fragmentation. Like fill up the
disk with small files then delete 1/2 of them at random. Then try to
create fairly large file that should fit if space was coallesced.


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