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Re: Directory entry parsing code has changed on NetBSD 4.0

> On NetBSD inodes are 64 bits and dirent is aligned with 8 bytes
> instead of 4.  Look in <sys/dirent.h> for more info.

Inodes are still 32 bits, at least for FFS, as far as I can tell
(sys/ufs/ufs/dir.h), but a directory entry's d_fileno is 64 bits
(sys/sys/dirent.h).  However, if they're 8-byte aligned, <sys/dirent.h>
needs updating; it still says "padded to a 4 byte boundary".  Perhaps
it should say "padded according to _DIRENT_ALIGN()"?  (Speaking of
which, the comment on _DIRENT_ALIGN is wrong; it actually returns one
less than the alignment - it returns a mask rather than the alignment

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