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Re: Directory entry parsing code has changed on NetBSD 4.0

On Saturday 15 March 2008, der Mouse wrote:
> > One outstanding problem is that NetBSD 4.0 does no longer understand
> > the directory entries which work fine on NetBSD 3.0.
> >
> > mount_devfs /dev/dev
> >
> > UUencoded output from "cat /dev/dev" | uuencode -
> What's this mount_devfs?  As far as I can tell there's no such thing
> under 4.0.  Am I just not looking in the right place?



It is a custom file system of mine.

> As for your directory entries, they look reasonable as a stream of
> getdirentries() returns (for a little-endian machine - you didn't
> specify your machine's endianness) but not as a stream of on-disk FFS
> directory entries (which use 32 rather than 64 bits for the inumber).
> Depending on what's interpreting them (this returns to the "what's this
> mount_devfs?" question), this may or may not be relevant.  (I don't
> understand why you pad with so many more NULs than necessary, but
> that's not doing any harm except making things more verbose.)

Where are those NULs? I use the "struct dirent" provided by the kernel when 
creating the directory entries. See:

devfs_newdirent in:


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