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Re: Directory entry parsing code has changed on NetBSD 4.0

> One outstanding problem is that NetBSD 4.0 does no longer understand
> the directory entries which work fine on NetBSD 3.0.

> mount_devfs /dev/dev
> UUencoded output from "cat /dev/dev" | uuencode -

What's this mount_devfs?  As far as I can tell there's no such thing
under 4.0.  Am I just not looking in the right place?

As for your directory entries, they look reasonable as a stream of
getdirentries() returns (for a little-endian machine - you didn't
specify your machine's endianness) but not as a stream of on-disk FFS
directory entries (which use 32 rather than 64 bits for the inumber).
Depending on what's interpreting them (this returns to the "what's this
mount_devfs?" question), this may or may not be relevant.  (I don't
understand why you pad with so many more NULs than necessary, but
that's not doing any harm except making things more verbose.)

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